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What is Feng Shui?

The Ancient Art of Feng Shui

September 3, 2019

I first found an interest for Feng Shui during one of my first jobs in the interior design industry. I was finding that a few of my clients were worried about the placement of mirrors and the use of colours in certain areas of their home because of the Feng Shui rules that they had read in a book or seen on tv.

I had always been quite spiritual and had a passion for health and wellness so I decided to study Feng Shui and use it to benefit my future interior design business. And that’s exactly what I did!

Maddison Interiors was created to design interiors based on wellness. The environment we live in is a huge factor in our physical and mental health so my vision has always been to create a home that not only looks good, but a home that improves the wellness of my clients.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese knowledge that translates into ‘wind and water’ which focuses on the earth’s energy (chi) to enhance the positive and disperse the negative – The energy of the dragon is dispersed by wind & stops at the boundary of the water.

Feng Shui is not told by instinct or intuition alone, there is an actual scientific method behind each individual chart of a building. There are no two charts the same, what works for you will not work for another.

We have been to many homes to correct the Feng Shui because they have been given incorrect remedies by non reputable consultants. You cannot always trust the information you might see on TV or what you read in a book. A true Feng Shui consultant will have certificates to prove that they are qualified.

The Feng shui of your home is found by using the age of the building and the direction that it faces. We combine these numbers using a specific method that will give us the flying star chart for your home.

Extensive knowledge alongside research into the individual building/ buildings history to determine how we can take advantage of the earth’s energy to benefit the health and wellbeing of the users. The benefits of nature are truly amazing!

Our clients come to us for our Feng Shui Services for many different reasons including health, wellbeing, infertility, relationships, career, money & more. If you are feeling stuck or something doesn’t feel right in your life Feng Shui is a good step to take in changing your life.


“An open mind…
Positive attitude…
willingness to improve
yours and
your loved ones lives…
& Patience”


One of our most memorable Feng shui transformations was a couple of years ago. We were booked in by a lady who was wanting to create a feel good space for her son who was studying his VCE. He was stressed, not well rested and was not in a good place mentally to be able to give VCE his best shot…

We made the necessary adjustments to the energies in the house and two years on our clients son is in his 2nd year studying law at university and has been offered a scholarship to study overseas!

The remedies we use in Feng Shui do not require you to change your whole house around, and does certainly not include space clearing like most books will tell you! The remedies are small changes that can be made over time so that your energies can slowly start to improve.

We run regular workshops to educate our followers on what is, and what is not, Feng Shui.

Please visit our events page for more information, or to secure your seat at our next workshop.

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