Our Story


Maddison Interiors was established in 2015 by our then recently graduated director Maddison Clarke. Maddison graduated her Interior Design & Decoration course at Swinburne University and jumped straight into working within the industry 2 weeks later.

Throughout her first year of gaining experience she was mesmerized with the amounts of comments from her clients that were not open to specific advice as it was seen as “bad Feng Shui”.

At the start of 2016 Maddison decided to learn for herself by undertaking a Feng Shui Consultancy course. This grew Maddison Interiors into a unique business that offers the services of both Interior Design & Decoration and Feng Shui Consultancy to enhance harmony, balance and prosperity into your life.

“I was blown away by the amazing art of Feng Shui. I was able to confirm what is and what is not Feng Shui after being exposed to a lot of the confused theories of Feng Shui that were told to my clients by fake Feng Shui experts that have read one of the many books with the incorrect theory.

Feng Shui is not a religion, it is not based on instinct or intuition alone, it is a practice that follows an actual method that allows me to read the individual charts of my clients home or business.

What I love most about Feng Shui is that it is a natural approach, we harness the life force energies that our earth gives to us and it allows us to make changes to improve every aspect of your life.

My clients come to me for many different reasons such as health, fortune, careers, relationships, fertility, children and holding onto their money.

I am lucky enough to be able to help with whatever my clients feel stuck on using my knowledge and qualifications.

I urge you all to contact me with any queries that you may have regarding my services.

My job is to change your lives through the combined elements of Interior Design & Decoration and Feng Shui”

– Maddison Clarke

Our Mission

Our mission is to leave each of our clients with beautiful interiors, not only for the visual aspect but also using Feng Shui to create the feelings of balance and harmony within their home or business.

Our Aim

Our aim is to individually read into our clients chart of their existing environment in which they live or work in , to improve and enhance the prosperous energies and disperse the negative energies that is effecting a specific aspect in their life.